The Pink Promise Diamond

Rahul Kadakia, the International Head of Jewellery at Christie’s, calls this Pink Promise Diamond ‘the Picasso of the pink diamond world…it’s so elegant. It’s a cross between an oval and a marquise — what we call a “moval”. It’s a fabulous diamond.’

‘A pink diamond is rare to start with,’ says Lisa Hubbard, Senior Adviser to Christie’s International Jewellery. ‘But an oval pink diamond of this weight is very rare, very hard to find. It is a singular diamond in many ways, and just beautiful.’

A rare coloured diamond and diamond ring. Estimate HK$220,000,000-320,000,000. This lot is offered in Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels & The Pink Promise on 28 November 2017  at Christie’s in Hong Kong
The gorgeous stone, weighs 14.93 carats.
The stone is enhanced by circular-cut pink diamonds and mounted in platinum.
Its worth is estimated at approximately
₹ 1,78,86,95,092- 2,60,17,38,316

Throughout history, some of the world’s most famous gems have been pink diamonds;

  • the 182 caratDarya-i-Nur’, part of the Iranian Crown Jewels.
  • the 20.53 caratHortensia’, part of the French Crown Jewels, at the Louvre.
  • the 23.60 caratWilliamson’, property of the Queen of England.

So, care for a Pink Diamond for yourself …!!

Stay tuned for more on Women’s Luxury Fashion in the International & Indian scenario…

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